A Pageant for Models

Crown Pageant Productions LLC is the official license holder for the Northeast & Midwest regions of the prestigious Queen Beauty USA pageant. As the largest license holder in the Queen Beauty USA system, Crown Pageant Productions has also been granted the opportunity to manage recruitment and development of select states in the South region. Headquartered in New York, the capable and talented Crown Pageant Productions leadership team is made up of business and community leaders and philanthropists with a combined 50+ years in the pageantry and entertainment industries. Class-A production, valuable prize packages and VIP treatment for their titleholders and sponsors is what distinguishes Crown Pageant Productions from others in the regions in which they operate. You can expect the best from us, because we strive to do what's best for you.

We're a Team

Our success comes from collaboration. Our staff, team of dedicated volunteers and our sponsors all come together to ensure that our contestants and titleholders have the best experience, and leave the competition with opportunities that match your ambitions. We consider our team, a big family. One that works together to ensure each other's success.

It's time to shine.
It's time to do the thing that takes you to the next level.

It's time to invest in yourself and take the next step toward the opportunity of a lifetime. Do it!